Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Best Gothic Wallpaper Collection Ever

Everyone wants to be a part of something big. Gothic wallpapers give you a chance to be a part of something bigger than this world. The mind can be a dangerous thing in a magical world where you make all the rules.  Open up your imagination and start dreaming, create a world that can only be found in books and tales. Start building your own world with the best gothic wallpaper collection.


The most exciting part of a story is the twisted forbidden love between two specific people or creatures. The evil lord that brought darkness upon the kingdoms had a spectacular daughter that fell in love with the angel of light. They always found a way to be together until her father discovered that her heart yearned for the angel. It was there that the evil lord locked up his own daughter.

Only the strongest has the privilege to wear this symbol.  In the beginning there ruled a very strong and loving king that protected his people against danger.  A terrible war broke out and the king fought hard and true to protect his kingdom. When the last of his enemies were defeated, he fell to his knees and gave his last breath back to the earth.

Deep in the dark dangerous forest lives a family of monsters. When the sun sets the windows starts glowing green.  Legend says that the mother is a witch, creating new potions and cures to save her poor little baby’s life for  thousands years.

The melody of the night that causes all the children to go to sleep at night is played by the one and only violin of the night player. With her love for music she starts playing when mothers say good night to their little angels. The moon sets the perfect atmosphere for all natures’ animals to enjoy a perfect show before going to sleep.

With his terrible mind controlling powers the mid wizard enslave all of the lands bravest warriors to create his own army to take over the lands of fairyland. Will there ever be someone born to save all the captive soldiers from the evil wizard?

Complete your perfect story with the help from these amazing gothic wallpapers today. You can download free gothic wallpapers as much as you like.

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